Millions of couples report sexual dissatisfaction as the number one reason for ending their relationship. If you have lost that spark and depth of connection with your partner or have never had the kind of confidence you want in your sex life – Sex that Works is the intimate guide you have been looking for.

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  • Nobody can make you feel sexy. Only you can decide that you want to go to that sexy place.
    Wendy Strgar
  • It takes a lot of time, practice, courage, and resilience to find the keys that unlock the mysterious libido. Not only are we all different, but we are continuously different, even from the self we thought we just got to know.
    Wendy Strgar
  • There is nothing like loving someone who loves you back with their eyes wide open.
    Wendy Strgar
  • As we surrender our control to the body, it provides a gateway to pure energetic awakening and a brief glimpse of enlightenment.
    Wendy Strgar
  • Many people believe that if the physical intimacy in their relationship were stronger, the rest would simply improve. Usually the reverse is true.
    Wendy Strgar

Heal Your Relationships

Increasing our capacity for real love, the kind that endures after the feelings of “falling in love” goes away is the key to loving relationships and strong families. The skills needed to grow your loving relationships can be defined and improved. Learning to love is the greatest and most meaningful work of our lives. If you are ready to step into a new level of intimate connection Love that Works is an open door to your heart.

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love that works
making love sustainable

Learn how to tackle the challenging issues of sustaining passionate sexuality inside healthy intimate relationships. See your most important relationships with fresh eyes and increase your innate ability to love better.
Gather innovative tips you need to build the concrete skills that will improve the quality of your inner life and personal relationships.

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How Sex That Works Makes it Possible to Keep Evolving Sexually. Learn the Tools to Feed Your Curiosity