Meet Wendy

Entrepreneur, Loveologist, Writer

Wendy Strgar is an award-winning entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Good Clean Love, a pioneer in the organic personal care product industry.

Wendy started Good Clean Love in 2003 after hearing from many women about, and experiencing for herself, the painful side effects of using petrochemical-based hygiene products. Today, Good Clean Love’s products are sold internationally and endorsed by physicians nationwide for their safe and pure ingredients. A recent NIH-funded study found Good Clean Love’s line of personal lubricant to be one of the safest products of its class.

My life is devoted to love;  to increasing both the understanding, experience and awareness of the love that surrounds us.  I study, write and teach people how to recognize, cultivate and flourish with loving relationships in all aspects of living.

What Leads Her

She is a popular blogger and author of  two books. Sex That Works: An Intimate Guide To Awakening Your Erotic Life will be published by Sounds True Publishing in June 2017 and is the companion to her first popular book, Love that Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy.

A sexual health educator and loveologist, Wendy is the featured writer at the award winning blog, Making Love Sustainable. She is a sought-after guest blogger and speaker on the topics of love, sexual health, and positivity and her work has also been featured on Eco Salon, Care2, The Huffington Post and Elephant Journal, among many others.

Wendy loves to teach and has offered workshops at Green Festivals,  Mothering Conferences, Bioneers, for cancer survivors, at public schools, and universities. Married for over 34 years with four adult children, Wendy’s daily life has always been the laboratory for her loveology work. If you would like Wendy to speak at your event, please send her a note!