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Millions of couples report sexual dissatisfaction as the number one reason for ending their relationship.  If you have lost that spark and depth of connection with your partner or have never had the kind of confidence you want in your sex life – Sex that Works is the intimate guide you have been looking for.

“Thoughtful, well-written … inspirational … Strgar makes very good points about how we confuse sexual freedom with sexual license, resulting in a hookup culture that has us faking orgasms like porn stars. Authentic sexual freedom, she writes, means ‘taking responsibility for our own sexual needs.’ This book shows us how to do just that … Strgar argues persuasively that sexual pleasure, however you define it, is not a luxury but a necessity.”



Foreward Reviews

Strgar’s writing glows … it’s relatable and honest … Her personal story, along with the many helpful exercises in Sex That Works shows that it is possible to keep evolving sexually. There is always something new to learn, and Strgar offers the tools to feed that sexual curiosity.

Debby Herbenick, PhD

Sex That Works is about far more than sex. It’s an invitation to connect with your feelings, explore your sexuality, and heal the broken areas that hold us all back from sexual intimacy and connection. Highly recommended reading!

Ian Kerner, PhD LMFT, sex therapist and author of She Comes First

Part memoir, part meditation, Wendy Strgar’s new book is all sex and all passion. Pick a page, any page of Sex That Works, and you’ll be sure sure to find a pearl of sexual wisdom.


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