Being a social entrepreneur allows me to contribute to the good of the world by combining both my imagination and my capacity to get things done. When you begin with the questions of how to be a force for good and love in the world, the answers about not only what to do, but often more importantly how to do it become clear.   

The mission of Good Clean Love is to increase the awareness and experience of love in the world. We do this by making the most scientifically advanced, healing formulas for sexual health, incorporating earth friendly business practices and collaborating with other organizations that share our values about safety and health of ingredients. Learn more about all the ways that Good Clean Love products make the world better.

In addition to advancing the science of sexual health formulations, we have been leaders in moving the FDA towards non-animal testing methods for personal lubricants.  

“It is a long process for the FDA to change their testing requirements, but Strgar believes that this is a great first step. “We believe that the ‘good’ in Good Clean Love depends on our commitment to promote and implement sustainable practices every day, and to create products that are safe and cruelty-free to animals.  We are proud to include the work of keeping animals safe as part of our mission, and working with PETA has been an amazing learning experience.” The worldwide scientific community agrees that testing methods with cultured human cells are more predictive of human safety than animal tests, so we trust it is just a matter of time before the FDA reconsiders this important initiative.”

Another essential aspect of our work is making sexual health and wellness available to all which we believe begins with education. Our Make it Good Campaign provides a workshop starter kit to help get the conversation about consent, equal pleasure and the importance of healthy ingredients started.  Our mission is to make it easier and more enjoyable to create meaningful peer-to-peer dialogue about the issues of modern, digital age sexuality.

The most meaningful ways that social entrepreneurship is experienced in the world is by expanding everyone’s ability to give back.   Our commitment to the change for women collective inspires us every day, knowing that all the healing  products we provide here at home, have the power to extend that  healing to women around the world.  

Women’s health is at the center of what we do at Good Clean Love. From our Bio-Match patented technology to extensive healthcare sampling program, our company is known for going above and beyond for women. That’s why joining the Change for Women Collective was an easy decision for our founder, Wendy Strgar. It just made sense. As a woman-owned B Corporation, Good Clean Love fits right in with the ever-growing list of entrepreneurs seeking real change. Social responsibility doesn’t just mean good products but good business, too. We are honored to support the efforts of the Change for Women Collective, a collective of creative leaders and businesses standing together to make a difference by supporting the protection of health, human rights, and equality for women and girls everywhere.”

Positivity in the Community

Participating in the life of our community is how we ground our love in the world.  The most life changing work that I have done has happened when I began to put positivity to work in my community. Here are a couple of positivity projects that have taught me volumes about what love looks like in action:

I am proud to be the founder of  Positive Community Kitchen (PCK) which  provides direct support to people facing life threatening health challenges and supports long term prevention of disease. Our teens not only feel good about their direct contributions to other people’s well-being; they also learn lifelong lessons about the power of healthy food. Moreover we strive to build meaningful relationships through community action connecting teens and adults in work that nourishes us all, engaging in positive work that transforms lives in our larger community.

“There is something magical and amazing that happens when people get together to build something that belongs to all of us…. It is literally how we built this country one barn at a time in the old days.” Said Wendy Strgar “We have so few opportunities to create together now, and I wanted the kids to watch and learn that most things are possible if you don’t quit. Each year of graduating seniors said this about the project, that they know that it is possible to make something new and meaningful just by staying with it.”